Lego Power Miners Stone Chopper

Watch out Rock Monsters, Power Miner Rex is on the Stone Chopper and is heading your way! This mini mining vehicle is the speediest vehicle the Power Miners have! With its dual rotating blades that automatically spin when the vehicle moves and its super speed it’ll cut through rubble easily and knock away any rock monsters that come near. If you combine the Stone Chopper with the Mine Mech, you can create the Cave Cutter.


  • Rex Power Miner minifigure
  • Meltrox Rock Monster minifigure
  • Rock Monster’s mouth opens
  • Combine the Stone Chopper with the Mine Mech to create the Cave Cutter
  • Ages 6-12
  • No longer available from Lego
  • Model number: 8956
  • 31 Lego pieces

Here is a picture of the Cave Cutter, the model you can create by combining the Stone Chopper with the Mine Mech.


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