Lego Ninjago Weapon Pack (NRG Kai Vs. Chokun)

Looking for a big boost in your Lego Ninjago spinner battles? Then get the Lego Ninjago Weapon Pack! This large Lego Ninjago spinner set comes with two Lego Ninjago characters: NRG Kai Vs. Chokun. Kai, the super-hot ninja of fire, has reached his true potential and has become pure fire energy to stop the growing threat of the evil Serpentine. Can NRG Kai defeat Chokun, a soilder in the Constrictai tribe of serpentine? Battle with a friend with Kai against Chokun and see who wins! This large spinner set includes 1 NRG Kai minifigure, 1 Chokun minifigure, 2 spinners (1 transparent red and 1 transparent green), 2 spinner crowns (1 grey and 1 transparent orange), spinner shields and blades, 6 Lego bricks, 10 weapons, 2 character cards, 8 battle cards, and a playguide to help you learn how to play the Lego Ninjago spinners game for the first time! Max out your Lego Ninjago spinjitzu battles with the Lego Ninjago Weapon Pack (NRG Kai Vs. Chokun)! Includes 2 minifigures and 73 Lego pieces.


  • Includes 2 minifigures: NRG Kai Vs. Chokun
  • Includes 1 transparent red spinner and 1 transparent green spinner
  • Includes 1 grey spinner crown and 1 transparent orange spinner crown
  • Includes spinner shields and blades for each spinner and 6 Lego bricks
  • Includes 10 weapons: 8 normal weapons and 2 golden weapons
  • Includes 2 character cards and 8 battle cards
  • Add some more fun to your Lego Ninajgo spinner battles with the Lego Ninjago Weapon Pack (NRG Kai Vs. Chokun)!
  • Ages 6-14
  • Model number: 9591
  • 73 Lego pieces

Lego Ninjago Jay’s Storm Fighter

Ninja… GO! Speedy ninja of lightning, Jay, is flying in his lightning-quick Storm Fighter in search of the Golden Fangpyre Staff, which contains a vial of anti-venom, that, if used before the transformation is complete, prevent a victim form turning into a snake when bitten by a member of the Fangpyre Serpentine Tribe. But when he finds the staff, Fangpyre Scout Snappa has come to interfere! Will Jay be quick enough to grab the Golden Fangpyre Staff and avoid Snappa’s bite? You decide what will happen to Jay in the Lego Ninjago Jay’s Storm Fighter! Includes Jay ZX and Snappa minifigures.


  • Jay ZX and Snappa minifigures
  • Activate the wing attack on Jay’s Storm Fighter to stop Snappa!
  • Help Jay gain the Golden Fangpyre Staff or help Snappa stop Jay, you’re choice!
  • Avoid the powerful Fangpyre bite to prevent from turning into a snake!
  • Ages 7-14
  • Model number: 9442
  • 242 Lego pieces

Lego Ninjago Venomari Shrine

Ninja… GO! Stealthy ninja of ice, Zane, has found the Golden Venomari Staff! Inside the staff is a powerful vial of anti-venom that can reverse the effect of the Venomari Serpentine’s illusion powers! But as Zane comes near, 2 mini Venomari snakes jump at him. Can he avoid their acid spit, and the toxic venom all over the Venomari Shrine to retrieve the Golden Venomari Staff? You decide what will happen in the Lego Ninjago Venomari Shrine! Includes Zane ZX and 2 mini Venomari snake minifigures.


  • Zane ZX and 2 mini Venomari snake minifigures
  • Launch the mini Venomari Snakes at Zane with the launcher!
  • Help Zane retrieve the Golden Venomari Staff with its powerful anti-venom!
  • Ages 7-12
  • Model number: 9440
  • 86 Lego pieces

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