New Lego Themes for 2012

This year, Lego has released several new and exciting themes, many of which will have their products put here on soon! Here are the new themes for 2012:

  • Lego Friends: This new Lego theme is made especially for girls, and centers around 6 main girl characters, and their city, Heartlake City. The theme features several new Lego brick colors, new mini-doll figures, and many new Lego parts and accessories.
  • Lego DC Universe Superheroes: This new Lego theme is based around the comics and movies about the DC Universe heroes and villains, such as Batman, Superman, and the Joker. The theme also has a few ultrabuild action figures, which use the Lego Hero Factory building system.
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes: This new Lego theme is based around the comics and movies about the Marvel superheroes and villains, such as Spiderman, the Hulk, and other superheroes and villains. This theme, like the DC Universe Superheroes theme, has a few ultrabuild action figures, also using the Lego Hero Factory building system.
  • Lego the Lord of the Rings: This new Lego theme is based around the three Lord of the Rings movies, as well as the upcoming Hobbit movie.
  • Lego Monster Fighters: This original Lego theme is the first of its kind, being the first Lego theme to center around monsters. The storyline is that the evil Lord Vampyre is planning to eclipse the sun forever using 6 moonstones, and the Lego Monster Fighters have to prevent him and all the other monsters from collecting the moonstones. The theme features many glow-in-the-dark parts, as well as many cool functions on the models, such as a hidden stairs or the moonstone device.
  • Lego Dino: This Lego theme centers around several heroes trying to prevent rampaging dinosaurs from escaping to the city and causing havoc. The theme features large dino figures and big and small vehicles and a command base to capture the dinos and prevent them from getting to the city.

So those are the new Lego themes for 2012 so far! Make sure to check back here for new products from those themes being sold, as well as more videos and games!


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Hero Factory Evo Minifigure

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